Another two week edition for you. The kids were off for spring break last week, then it was eclipse day and travel hockey tryouts this week, so there was not enough time to finish this post before the next release day rolled around…however, I was able to listen to a lot of music!

We’ll start with the biggest (and my favorite) release from April 5th: Only God Was Above Us by Vampire Weekend. (Listen)

Vampire Weekend’s latest is a return to the form of their earlier works, but definitely through the lens of an older/more mature and better (technically) group of musicians. You’ll hear the bass flourishes, the pianos, the familiar drum patterns, and the catchy guitar leads you enjoyed on those early records. But you’ll also hear more orchestral elements, string & horn sections, and jazzy instrumental freak outs that come from more confident songwriters. This record is easily my favorite from the week and already a top candidate for my favorite album of the year. It will be fun to revisit this over the course of the year, as each time I’ve listened so far I hear something new and interesting.

Favorite tracks: “Classical”, “Mary Boone”, “Prep School Gangsters”, and “Ice Cream Piano.”

Honorable Mentions (April 5th)

  • Older by Lizzy McAlpine (Listen) – think Mitski x Phoebe Bridgers x Sufjan Stevens. This would be a featured release any other week, 100%.
  • Mantras by Katie Pruitt (Listen) – Pruitt is an alt-country, indie folk singer/songwriter and a damn fine one at that.
  • The Sunset Violent by Mount Kimbie (Listen) – originally an electronic/dubstep group, this latest album finds Mount Kimbie treads into post-punk with elements of drone, R&B, and post-rock.

For the release week starting April 12th, my favorite release was This Could Be Texas by English Teacher. (Listen) What a debut album from this post-punk/art punk band that combines so many different sounds and influences, it’s hard to say if they sound like any one band (or even many bands, really.) I hear bits of SPRINTS post-punk, a bit of 90s mid-west indie rock/slowcore, definitely some Dischord/DC punk, some orchestral influences, then add in samples, spoken word, and so much more. It’s so eclectic, playful, and creative musically. The lyrics are witty and deep too. Seriously impressed.

Favorite tracks: “R&B”, “Nearly Daffodils”, “Not Everybody Gets to Go to Space”, “Alfred Road.”

Honorable Mention (April 12th)

  • Don’t Forget Me by Maggie Rogers (Listen) – Maggie Rogers third album delivers growth as songwriter, lyricist, and just overall confidence. She’s really coming into her own and I think this may be her best, most complete album yet.
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