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We are celebrating our first four months with a record giveaway to our newsletter subscribers.

We’re curating a selection of records from our origin stories and “best of 2023” lists to give away to email subscribers. We hit up two local record stores recently and had a blast picking out a handful of records to give away…

Here’s what you can win, with comments from Jason:

Copper Blue + Beaster by Sugar

Chris introduced me to Sugar early on in high school and this album is on both of our all-time favorites lists. And you get the criminally underrated Beaster EP in one package! Pure power pop bliss crossed with Mould’s personal, powerful lyrics. If I can’t change your mind, then no one will. (Listen)

Surfer Rosa by Pixies

A classic, must-own record. Like Copper Blue, this one is also on both Chris‘ and my Crucial Tracks lists. This album set the stage for so much music in the 90s and beyond. Its influence is undeniable, combining the bold quirkiness of punk with the beauty of folk and pop. (Listen)

Jersey’s Best Dancers by Lifetime

Lifetime was one of the best and earliest bands to cross hardcore, punk, and emo into short, aggressive songs with danceable breakdowns – all while singing about relationships (and everything else you’d expect from emo lyrics.) Lifetime is on my Crucial Tracks list and I know Chris is a huge fan as well. (Listen)

Death is Nothing to Us by Fiddlehead

This album was my hardcore-adjacent album of the year last year and #3 overall. DC influenced post-hardcore with amazing lyrics centered around everything you experience in adulthood, but no one really talks about. Cathartic and timely. (Listen)

The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We by Mitski

I was late to the game with Mitski, only really paying attention after Laurel Hell was released in 2022. However, I am glad it happened. This album was #7 on my year end list. I think it would have been higher most any other year, but I really enjoyed a good number of albums last year. Well written folk rock/art pop from a very talented singer-songwriter. (Listen)

Girl With Fish by Feeble Little Horse

Finally, my album of the year from 2023. Amazing glitchy indie rock, catchy shoegaze hooks, and lyrics that entertain. One of my favorite young bands that I hope continue to progress and push the limits of their art. And please, Feeble Little Horse, come to Buffalo! (Listen)

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